Bed Bugs in Your Car ?

Shall I call Licensed Pest Control Company for Bed Bugs? This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you see the bed bugs at your car…

However, if you are thinking that you can get rid of these dangerous bugs by your own, then you are actually inviting bigger troubles. Bed Bugs are one of the worst kinds of the pest infection at car. These bugs are apple seed sized and shaped and these feed from the human blood. These bugs can make you, your family and your pets really sick. It is therefore very important to call licensed pest control companies to control the bed bugs. There are people who think that local pesticides can do the trick but here is why you should not even think about it. Our friends at Pest Control Oakville provided the below recommendations:

Local Pesticides are not effective

The first thing is that the local pesticides that you would use to kill the bugs are not at all effective. The bed bugs have very strong resistance and these bugs do not generally get wiped out by any pesticide. The pest control experts do not only study about these bugs but also do researches and come up with the best control method to wipe out these dangerous bugs.

Local Chemicals are not safe

There are plenty of local chemicals that are used for the bed bugs. However, the bugs are not safe for health and the environment of the house. There are many instances where the chemicals have gone wrong. Bed bugs are very dangerous for your health and using the local chemicals you may worsen the situation. The chemicals are not only unhealthy for the human health but can also be hazardous in nature. There are many news reports that suggest that use of local chemicals set fire at car due to the inflammable nature of the pesticides. The pesticides used by the licensed pest control companies are not only tested, safe, approved and non-inflammable but also recommended by the government authorities.

Bed Bug Emergency

Bed Bug is known for the high capability of reproduction. A female bed bug can lay 500 eggs and the offspring of the bug gets ready to lay eggs in another one month. This can give a brief idea about the dynamics and dimension of the infestation. This is the reason why you need to act on the bed bug urgently and immediately. The local chemicals cannot really do anything and by the time you experiment with the situation, you would let the bugs grow by two generations. The licensed pest control companies use subtle pesticides that stop the infestation with immediate effect. The bed bugs should be tackled very effectively to ensure that the environment is safe and healthy.

Bed Bugs have long been associated with different kinds of diseases and complications. If you are bothered about the safety of your family from these bugs, then you must approach pest control experts immediately to take the necessary measures. Your ignorance can become very heavy on your health.