NEWS: Automotive Giants Release Their Sales Reports

Chrysler Canada zooms past Ford sales in first quarter of 2014. The first quarter of the year has been very favorable to Chrysler Canada Inc. in terms of market share, outselling one of it’s closest rival, Ford Motor Co. of Canada, Ltd. by more than two thousand vehicles – That’s entails about 1.5% boost with reference to their March sales, as opposed to Ford’s, which had a drop of almost 11%.

The increase in the numbers was very favorable to Chrysler, reflecting an increase of 16.9% in this year’s market share, as compared to their 2013 performance. Ford on the other hand, has fallen 14.8%.

This increase, though modest, has earned March’s sales as being the best in record, leaving the first quarter of 2014 very much in their favor. The key ingredient in their success, as said by David Buckingham, Chief Operating Officer of Chrysler Canada, was their strong truck sales.

This was due to the fact that winter has recently ended, and for the first part of the year, the consumer has compensated their “snow and cabin” fever by their choice of vehicle purchase. “Consistent strong sales of the Ram 1500 trucks and the new Jeep Cherokee, has helped in cementing the position of Chrysler Canada with regards to sales, for the first part of the year.” Buckingham said, while announcing the figures.

Chrysler’s truck sales have improved by almost 11% in their year to date performance, clearly offsetting the 21% decline it had suffered with its passenger cars. The president of Dennis Automotive Consultants, Dennis DesRosier, has stated that it is much too early in the year to have a solid prediction who will bear the crown for this year’s sales, referencing to the strong start Chrysler has experienced in 2013, before being overtaken by Ford.

The Jeep’s increased sales has branded a 47% increase, and was the top selling brand of Chrysler’s for the month. “Chrysler / Fiat, had started 2013 strong, leading over but was overtaken later that year,” he informed clients, “This year, Chrysler / Fiat have taken a sizeable lead over their competitors, so Ford have quite a work in store for them.