Cars Expected to Arrive in 2016

Some of the top car manufactures of the world are set to release some great cars in coming year. The year 2016 seems be a great year for car lovers as some of the most exciting cars are arriving that year. Many different types of cars will be released in coming years which includes sports, sedan, SUV and other new type of hybrid cars. The manufacturers are focusing more to increase the thrill of driving with a mix of sporting vibe, the comfort is also in mind. In terms of design some we can expect some of the best designed car in coming years. Here is a list of cars you can expect in 2016

Abarth 500X

This is one of the most anticipated release for car lovers. The little car from Fiat, the Abarth 500X. The design is amazing as always as we can expect from Fiat. The manufacturer from Fiat are focusing more on competing with their rival companies like Nissan. The body kit of this car looks amazing the engine is also turbocharged. This car looks a bit similar to current version of Alfa Romeo. The car world is waiting for the release of this little while pill.


Giulia from Alfa Romeo

You can expect style and luxury from Alfa Romeo, but recently this top car manufacture company was absent from new car release trend. We haven’t seen any luxurious release from Alfa Romeo in recent year. But the 2016 will be different for Alfa Romeo lovers, as the Alfa Romeo Giulia is set to release in that year. The completion will be with BMW M3 Series cars. The look and design of this car is sensational and amazing. Car lovers will surely love this release from Alfa Romeo.

DB11 from Aston Martin

The DB9 from Aston Martin was a car loved by millions around the world. But it has been a long time since the release of DB9. Following this amazing car Aston Martin is ready to release the DB11 with more style and class. You can expect a V12 engine and a massive turbo charged engine. There will also be a V8 engine DB11 available as the sources confirmed. The Aston Martin DB11 will include lots of new feature and some modern gadget inclusion. DB11 is set to release in 2016 and the world is waiting for this car.


Audi A5

The A4 from Audi will be replaced with another stunner from Audi, the A5. The platform will be same but the look will be different. This car is said to have 5 doors sporting mode with a sleek design. Audi is trying to make lighter cars and A5 will is said to be lighter than A3 and A4. This car will be more energy efficient and there will be 150HP engine in it.

Some other anticipated cars of 2016 includes Bentayga from Bentley, the 5 Series from BMW, Duster from Dacia, Fiat Tipo and Edge from Ford.