Hottest Cars of This Year


Some of best car manufacturers of the world have already conquered the sector of small sedans car in last few years. We have seen many varieties in those family cars and all of those were liked by consumers. Now the trend is renewed and car manufactures are focusing more on heavy SUV cars and they are adding some functionality and luxury to it. This year has already given us some great cars with modern and sophisticated design. Different types of crossover between SUVs have gained the attraction of car lovers this year. Manufactures like Chevrolet, Lexus and Lincoln are focusing more on these SUVs. Let’s have a look at some of the hottest cars of this year:

Acura TLX

This car has been hugely popular among car lovers after its release this year. This car is a modern combination of sports and sedan. The style is stunning and car designers have focused more on comfort while designing this car. If you are looking for a luxury sedan with a mix of sporting in it, The Acura TLX is the right car for you. The 290 horsepower behind this car with a v6 engine give this car a sporting vibe. This car has gained huge popularity among car owners this year.

Alfa Romeo 4C

The cars from Alfa Romeo is all about style and luxury. This manufacturer has been not in the scene for quite a long time. But now they are back with a stunning car named Alfa Romeo 4C and it is better than ever. The design, curve, aerodynamics everything is absolutely stunning about this car. This car is also a mix of sedan and sports, but it has more sports in it. The 600 horsepower gives it insane power and you will also like its turbocharged engine.


Audi A3

This is another stunning sedan from Audi and this car is ruling the hearts of car lovers this year. The Audi A3 is all about comfort and sporting mode. The 4 cylinder and turbo engines are combination give it a perfect sporting mode. There is also a manual transmission available in this car which some car owners find a great inclusion. Audi has also integrated many modern techs in this car like internet facility which support 4G & LTE. The A3 from Audi has certainly attracted the attention of car lovers this year.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

This car is not exactly a new inclusion in Chevrolet sports car family as similar models existed before. However, this car has everything a modern sports car can offer to you. The performance is amazing and the design is great as always. The most stunning feature of this car is the monster V8 engine and an insane horsepower of 625. There are lots of modern feature included in this car, you can customize speed mode as you like.

Some other hot cars of this year include Trax from Chevrolet, Chrysler 200, Ford F150 and the latest inclusion of Ford Mustang.